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The reBORN?

The reBORN experience is offered in these options:

General Human Design Analysis
2 hr
A foundation Human Design Analysis takes about two hours. During the session you will receive a deep understanding of your Human Design Type and your unique decision making strategy. You will also gain powerful insights into your innate skills as well as a deep understanding of what may be keeping you stuck or blocked in your life and how to change it.
Activate your Purpose - Reborn Academy
2 hr

Experience an intuitive healing focused on your emotional,
mental energetic fields using Hypnotherapy, REIKI, EFT or any other customized tool for you.
Customized Coaching
3 hr
A specialized Human Design session that can help you improve your relationships, discover how to best raise your children, or discover your spiritual and life purpose, as well as life cycle analysis. These are great ways to deepen your understanding of yourself.
A customized healing session to specific desired areas.
The reBORN Experience
6 hr
General and in depth Human Design sessions and 3 customized healing ceremonies. 
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